Packaging with augmented reality. New technologies for your product!

Place an order for augmented reality packaging and demonstrate to consumers any content that clearly tells about your product.

VitoView application will increase
the potential of your packaging.

Download the application and get familiar with the basic and free
features of posting information.

The VitoView app allows you to get extended product information with a special sign printed directly on the packaging! When you point the gadget's camera at the sign, the application will show the product description using the augmented reality effect.

The application is designed both for manufacturers of goods who want to convey to consumers the benefits of their product in a modern and convincing manner, and for buyers who want to visually see information about a product.

Attention! For the application to function, you need Internet access and special packaging with the VitoView augmented reality sign.

When ordering packages in 5 colors, the basic effect of augmented reality is free!

The basic effect is any content: photo, video or text that can be placed in the AR cloud next to the package